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Welcome to the tip of the mindberg, my blog of undermind exploration and personal growth!

I’m Alexandra and I work as an irrational psychotherapist and stubborn trainer.

Why is that?

Because I believe:

  • you can regain your childhood happiness,  the sense of freedom you lost growing up, the certainty of endless possibilities
  • you can have a fulfilling relationship with your loved ones, you can feel sensual and cherished no matter how many children you have or how busy your life is
  • you can feel good in your body and at ease with your feelings

Why tip of the mindberg?

Because our minds are like an iceberg. We can only touch its tip and 90% remains hidden. Not absent, just hidden. Now, the interesting part is that my tip is not identical to yours and if we put our minds together, we might as well discover the whole iceberg.

So what I’m doing now, is sharing some tips I’ve learned as a psychologist and as a human being, in order to help you understand more of your behavior and relationships, so we can grow together and achieve our life goals.

I can’t wait to get a glimpse of your tip of the mindberg 😉